TruePhase Af Tester

  • As one of the key indicators on super-elastic performance, active Af is of vital importance to secure the realization of super-elastic functionality. Since most of Nitinol implants are small in size (at the level of mm) and light in weight (at the level of mg), the conventional testing methods listed in the attachment of ASTM F2082 unable to test precisely the active Af.

  • Developed my Peiertech’s parent company Lumenous, TruePhase Af tester can wonderfully do such testing jobs with characteristics of

    ● True Free Recovery

    ● Non-destructive

    ● Measure various devices and sizes

    ● High-throughput with both testing data and videos

    ● Multiple samples in one run

    ● Easy-to-use

    ● Portable

  • The testing results can be read in any of the following Af determination methods: Tangent lines and 95% recovery, from the testingcurves, as specified by ASTM F2082-15.TruePhase also offer 100% recovery (end-point) Af determination method to mimic how a human would interpret the result when performing manual visual Af testing.

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