Laser Cutting
Laser Cutting
Applicable Tube Dimensions

● OD: 0.30~23.00mm

● Wall Thickness: 0.040~0.80mm

Applicable Sheet Dimensions

● Thickness: 0.040~0.80mm

●  Width and Length: 130mm

Applicable Cutting Materials

  • Stainless steels, L605, MP35N, Nitinol, Mg-alloys, Zn-alloys, Ti-alloys, Ta-alloys, etc.

Product Categories

  • ● Stent: All the stents from tiny neurovascular, coronary, to relatively large size of TAA, AAA, filters, heart valve frames, as well as all types of self-expandable

Nitinol Peripheral Stents

  • ● Guide Tube: Hypotubes, spiral tube, super-elastic Nitinol guide tubes& shape-set parts

  • ● Medical Retrieval Devices in intravascular, respiratory and urinary applications.

  • Because of high precision adjustment and fine-tuning of fiber laser parameters, the cut parts have little heat-affected zones and thus establish good basis for further processing.

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