Surface Treatment
Surface Treatment

Surface Treatment

All our products are guaranteed to have high corrosion-resistance.

Our EP process is highly controlled and traceable.  Our chemical lab and expertise supply all the solution on electro-polishing for all kinds of metals, including Nitinol, Stainless, L605, Mg-alloys, Zn-alloys, etc.  Advantages of Electro-polishing:
● To lower the surface roughness and increase the shiny appearance.

● To remove the burrs around edges of the parts.

● To remove the impurities.

● To significantly improve the corrosion-resistance of the part.

● To reduce the friction due to even surface build-up.

● To lower the risk of the adhesion and accumulation of particles and microorganisms on the device surface.
Other Surface Treatments on Finished Parts
In addition to electro-polishing, there are other mechanical surface treatments for finished parts available at Peiertech:
● Sand blasting

● Laser labeling and marking

● Centerless grinding

● Mechanical polishing

● Vibration polishing

● Chemical etching

● Passivation

● Ti-Oxidation of alloys
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