Nitinol Flat Wire
Nitinol Flat Wire
Nitinol Flat Wire

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Nitinol Flat Wire

Diameters and Tolerances:

* Other diameter please discuss with Peiertech.
Nitinol Flat Wire
Nitinol Square Wire
Mechanical properties
UTS              ≥1100Mpa
Elongation    ≥9%
UPS             ≥480Mpa
Af 10±10℃
Strain           <0.5
Surface State Options:
Light Oxide(Amber)
Oxide free
Packaging of Wires
Spool: wire must be wound evenly on the spools, without breaks or tangles;
Fixed Length: Peiertech can cut wire at customer’s requested length;
Other packaging method could be discussed with Peiertech.

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