Nitinol Heat Treament
Nitinol Heat Treament
In order to establish expected super-elastic properties of the Nitinol materials, including Nitinol wires, tube and parts made from Nitinol have to be subjected to heat treatment. To realize this, there are different ways of heat treatment available at Peiertech, such as salt bath, air-furnace, inert gas protective heat treatment, etc

Customized special wire and tube components manufacturing:
Peiertech can supply customer specific tube, with different active Af, higher flexibility, assigned curvatures, and other super-elastic performance related wire and tubes components.
NiTi Heat Treament Heat-activated Nitinol Wire
Nitinol Devices and Components
Nitinol Component Nitinol Devices
Nitinol Actuator Wire Nitinol SMA Spring We Do It All With Nitinol SMA actuator. Electrically-activated. Diameter range:φ0.025~0.5mm
Nitinol Snare Nitinol Catch Ring Nitinol Component We Do It All With Nitinol
Precision Processing Coiling Turn-key manufacturing of precision components from material to final device assembly
Nitinol Component Nitinol Catch Ring Nitinol Snare
Customized Nitinol Super-elastic Heat Treament Net Basket Components
NiTi Heat Treament Nitinol Guide Wire Manufacturing
One Stop Solution for Nitinol Material, Component and Assembly



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