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Interventional Device Component

Turn-key manufacturing of precision components from material to final device assembly. Proven High-Volume Performance, helps Customers reduce time to market.

Nitinol Stone Retrieval Basket

Nitinol Stone Basket contract manufacturing per customer design.

  • Tipped or tipless baskets are also available

  • Nitinol Materials, with highly-durable and maintains shape and form

  • Stable Support, with low resistant and excellent supporting performance, reduced tissue trauma during operation in confined spaces

  • Excellent Flexibity, quickly and easily access targ

Nitinol Stent

Nitinol Stent Specialty: One-stop professional contract manufacturing for Nitinol stent by cutting, shapesetting, electropolishing, passivation and marker fixation in-house

  • Typical Nitinol Stents: Peripheral stents, heart valve frames, IVC filters, carotid artery stent, neural stents, etc.

  • Expertise solution to do electro-polishing for Nitinol and proven high corrosion resistance features;

Nitinol Guide Wire

Custom medical nitinol guide wire:

  • NiTi core material: Excellent straightness and superelasticity, and kink-resistant; Excellent pushability and torqueability; Achieve better guiding capability with 1:1 proximal to distal torque.

  • Striped PTFE jacket:

    Provide good tactile and visual feedback for advancement

  • Hydrophilic tip allows smooth navigation

    Soft distal tip m inimizes risk of tissue injuries

One Stop Solution for Nitinol Material, Component and Assembly



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