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Nitinol Actuator Wire Smart Alloy Nitinol is a SMA alloy with superelastic and shape memory properties

SMA actuator. Electrically-activated. Diameter range:φ0.025~0.5mm
Advantages of nitinol actuator: the small size,light weight,ease of use and silent operation
Turn-key contract manufacturer for SMA Spring Subassembly for Thermal Control Valves

  • D0.025-0.5mm
  • Peiertech

Nitinol SMA Actuating Wire, whose physical function resembles biological muscle, will contract when it is activated.

  • By heating it electrically, the wire will be activated when the temperature is above its transition temperature.

  • When the material cools, it can be stretched back to its original length for subsequent contractions.

  • The small size, light weight, ease of use and silent operation

  • Diameter Range: φ0.025~φ0.5mm

  • Surface State Options:

    Oxide Surface

  • Dimensional tolerances:according to the finished diameter range

  • Diameter Tolerances


* Other diameter please discussed with Peiertech.

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