Other Capabilities
Facility investments at Peiertech have made it possible for us to grind virtually any configuration using both conventional and cutting-edge grinding equipment.
Guide wires, Mandrels, Needles have all been made using our grinding equipment.

Springs and Microsprings:
Peiertech has more than a decade of experience producing nitinol and SMA springs for medical and non-medical applications such as in industrial, aerospace, consumer electronics, automotive, civil and household appliances applications. We also produce coils for catheters and microsprings for the medical industry.

3D printing:
Peiertech own and operate several 3D printers that can print polymers and metals.
Polymers: PLA, ABS, PC, PEEK, PU, etc.
Metals: Aluminum, stainless steel, titanium alloy, nitinol, cobalt chrome, inconel, etc.

Wire and Sinker EDM:
Peiertech wire EDM production capabilities operate efficiently using the latest technologies.
Wire EDM is an ideal technology for machining nitinol as it allows complex, tight tolerance features to be achieved under minimal to no-load conditions.
Our sinker EDM machines are capable of producing crisp features down to 10 microns and are the ideal choice for tight tolerance micro applications.

Quality is in our DNA
Peiertech can meet any customer's requirement with respect to process, final quality and contract testing.
We offer the latest in precision automated dimensional inspection technology for maximum reliability on the most demanding applications
We offer a wide range of capabilities, from semifinished shapes to high-precision nitinol components

Please email us at info@peiertech.com to schedule a call and see how we work with customers to bring concepts to life through the prototyping and manufacturing of fabricated nitinol devices.
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