Laser Cutting, Welding and Marking:
Peiertech has extensive experience laser cutting nitinol components such as clot retrievers, peripheral stents, stent-grafts, heart valves, vena cava filters, and catheters.
We offer all standard and specialty laser technology, including femtosecond laser processing.
Peiertech provides a host of options for joining nitinol-to-nitinol including joining wires of different diameters and joining nitinol wire and tube within device components.
Peiertech has an array of laser equipment and our investments within are ongoing.

Shapesetting and Heat Treatment:
Shapesetting is used to form our semifinished raw materials into complex finished components.

Surface Treatment:
Peiertech offers many surface treatment processes for nitinol components and assemblies that significantly increase their design value:
Chemical etching
Bead Blasting
Mechanical polishing

Please email us at to schedule a call and see how we work with customers to bring concepts to life through the prototyping and manufacturing of fabricated nitinol devices.
Core Capabilities
Nitinol Component Nitinol Needles
Nitinol Peripheral Stents Stainless Steels Laser Cutting
Laser Marking Nitinol Rotating Circular Marking Plane Marking
Laser Cutting TAA, AAA, Filters, Heart Valve Frames, Self-expandable Nitinol Stent
Cutting Bracket IVC filters Niti Nitinol neural stents
Nitinol Laser Cutting Tiny Neurovascular Stents Coronary Stents
Precision Processing Laser Marking Laser Processing and Finishing
Precision Processing laser cut hypotube
Tube Laser Cutting Precision Processing Turn-key Precision Manufacture
Precision Processing Laser Welding
Laser Welding Nitinol Components for Neuro-applications And Interventional Devices
Nitinol Component Nitinol Welding
One Stop Solution for Nitinol Material, Component and Assembly



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