• Q Please describe the history of Peiertech

    A A. Peiertech was established in September 2002 and specializes in Nitinol expertise.

    B. ISO 13485-Cetified by BSI since July 2004, covering:" Production, Processing and Assembly of Medical Part/ Components and Production and Distribution of Medical Ni-Ti wires and Ni-Ti tubes.

    Peiertech provides the following material and services:

         Nitinol Wire;
         Nitinol Tube;
         Nitinol Shapesetting;
         Precision Laser Cutting & Welding;
         Premium surface treatment for metal products, especially for Nitinol product;
         A Non-contact Af Testing Equipment
  • Q What is your quality assurance?

    A A. For chemical composition inspection, not only inspect the NiTi  raw material, but also the semi finished products and finished products. Just to ensure 100% qualified products before shipping.

    B. Strict Process control as per technological requirements. Each person monitor each process and record all data of production.

    C. Strict Quality Tracing Mechanism.

  • Q How is your price and delivery time?

    A A. Based on the best quality, we will offer our best prices.

    B. We are manufacturer, so we have price advantage.

    C. 1 day delivery time for ready stock samples, but not longer than 5 days for sample produce.
       20 to 25 days delivery time for batch order.

  • Q What is the difference between Superelastic and Shape Memory Nitinol?

    Superelasticity is a phenomenon when Nitinol gets back to its previous shape and it is very hard to deform.

    It behaves almost like spring steel. Nitinol is superelastic in two cases:
    - If it has temperature slightly over the activation temperature
    - If it is a raw never annealed Nitinol
    Nitinol with shape memory could be easily deformed under the activation temperature. It behaves almost like a tin wire with one difference - it can't be bend to too acute angles.
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