We Do It All with Nitinol and Beyond!
All the nitinol and metal fabrication capabilities you need in one company.
Starting at ingot, Peiertech offers a full complement of nitinol mill products.
Peiertech provides nitinol melting and materials and a complete range of fabrication and finishing.

Within the medical device business, Peiertech's mill products are highly recommended for the manufacturing of semi-finished products like wire, tube or sheet.

Peiertech and its partners melts several hundred thousand kilograms of nitinol on an annual basis.
Vertical integration reduces turnaround times for customers and facilitates expedited requests.
Our material meets the most stringent standard for quality and purity.

Peiertech has been drawing precision high-quality nitinol tubes since 2002.
We can quickly deliver nitinol tubes in a variety of finishes and sizes.
This includes small hypotubes, large-diameter tubing, and precision stent tubing.
State-of-the-art equipment allows us to target tight tolerances.

Nitinol Components and Devices:
Collaborative engineer-to-engineer partnerships with a concentrated focus on design assistance, we manufacture at production quality during the prototype stage for predictability and product pricing and regulatory compliance.
Peiertech manufactures a broad range of nitinol components, from simple to highly complex, partnering with our customers to meet their demand for quality precision and value.
Some of the nitinol components manufactured at Peiertech include wire forms for stent-grafts, stents, frames for peripheral and structural heart devices, vena cava filters, bone staples, clips and catheters.
Please email us at info@peiertech.com to schedule a call and see how we work with customers to bring concepts to life through the prototyping and manufacturing of fabricated nitinol devices.
Nitinol Manufacturing
NiTi Wire Peiertech offers premium Nitinol materials of high quality
Nitinol Component 4-Wire Tipless Nitinol Stone Basket for sale
Nitinol Tube We Do It All With Nitinol
Nitinol Component 3 Wire Nitinol Stone Basket
Nitinol materials Nitinol wires Nitinol tube and parts
Nitinol Wire We Do It All With Nitinol- Peiertech
Nitinol Wire We Do It All With Nitinol
NiTi Heat Treament Nitinol Devices
Nitinol Actuator Wire We Do It All With Nitinol
Nitinol Tube - Superelastic Tube for Medical Device and Implants
Nitinol Component 4-Wire Nitinol Stone Retrieval Basket We Do It All With Nitinol Proven High-Volume Performance
We Do It All With Nitinol - Nitinol Wire
Nitinol wire is used in a variety of applications including medical devices
Nitinol Rope Nitinol Wire We Do It All With Nitinol Peiertech provides
Precision assembly of Nitinol devices and components
NiTi Tube Niti Finished Tube Medical Nitinol Tube
4-Wire Stone Basket for Biliary Stone Removal
Shape Memory Alloy Nitinol Actuator Wire
Nitinol Component Nitinol Stone Retrieval Basket 4-Wire Nitinol Stone Basket
Custom shape of NiTi guide wire
One Stop Solution for Nitinol Material, Component and Assembly



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