Nitinol Stents
One-stop professional contract manufacturing for Nitinol stent by Laser cutting, Shapesetting, Electro-polishing, Passivation and Marker fixation in-house​​​​​​​
Nitinol Stent Specialty
● Typical Nitinol Stents: Peripheral stents, heart valve frames, IVC filters, carotid artery stent, neural stents, etc.
● Expertise solution to do electro-polishing for Nitinol and proven high corrosion resistance features;
High Corrosion Resistance Nitinol Mesh Stent Heart Valve Frames
Nitinol Wire Memory Wires We Do It All With Nitinol Peiertech produces special NiTi alloy products for medical devices.
Cutting Bracket IVC filters Niti Nitinol neural stents
One-stop Professional Contract Manufacturing for Nitinol Stent
Nitinol Braided Stent Nitinol Peripheral stents
Electro-polishing for Nitinol Carotid Artery Stent
One Stop Solution for Nitinol Material, Component and Assembly



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