Precious metals​​​​​​​
Various Conventional and Special Materials such as Platinum, Platinum Iridium, Platinum Tungsten, Platinum, Platinum Nickel, Gold-Plated Tungsten wire, etc.
Material range: minimum wire diameter 0.02mm;
Available Size: Wall Thickness min. 0.02mm,Length min. 0.4mm
Application scope: catheter radiopaque markers, electrode, etc.
* Specific processing requirements can be discussed withPeiertech.
Marker Bands/Ring Electrode
Material: platinum iridium (Pt90/Ir10) alloy. Dimensions can be made according to customers’ specifications. Our process guarantees high precision and a burr-free finish.
Applications Scope: radiopaque marking, ring electrodes, cardiac rhythm management devices, and catheter.
Pt90/Ir10 marker band
OD: φ0.2 - φ8.0mm
Wall thickness: 0.015 - 0.5mm
Length: according to customer's spec
Standard: ASTM F560
Packing of marker band
Our marker bands can be packed in glass tube, plastic box, or gel-box for serialization and unique identification.
* Specific processing requirements can be discussed with Peiertech.
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